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I have all my domain names registered with RegisterFly. I've tried to renew some of them three times this year. Instead of renewing them, RegisterFly charged me and then never renewed my domain names. 



  • The mothership: MacBook
  • For everything that doesn't fit on the MacBook's 13 inches of real estate: Acer LCD monitor
  • HOst: BlueHost
  • For annoying my neighbors: Spoon-the-band played at full-blast in http://www.apple.com/itunes/">iTunes
  • For a great branding solution , try branding.fm

Django Development

  • For Django itself: the latest SVN branch of Django, of course
  • For code kung-foo: TextMate with the Django extensions
  • For FTP shenanigans: Cyberduck

Web Design

  • Code kung-foo: extMate Period.
  • Graphics: Photoshop and, increasingly, Illustrator


  • For papers: Apple Pages 2
  • For presentations: Apple Keynote 3
  • For procrastination: Digg,Facebook, and Flickr